Summer Sports Safety

Summer Sports Safety

We at Margate pediatrics the best holistic care take our patients safety during summer sports participation very seriously

Functional medicine clinic at Margate pediatrics is fully aware

That patients have to participate in sports.

Following steps will ensure safe participation and avoid any injuries during sports.

General rules for injury prevention

Primary goal of sports medicine is to ensure safe participation in sports and activities

General rules

Use protective equipment (when applicable)

Adhere to safety rules and concept of fair-play

Educate athletes, parents and coaches on safety

Maintain general fitness, rest, and proper nutrition

Margate pediatrics is the best holistic care clinic in Margate

Protective equipment

Helmets: properly fitted

– Football, hockey, baseball, lacrosse, cycling

Mouth guards: to prevent dental injury


– For functionally one-eyed athletes or sports with high risk of eye injury.

<20/40 in one eye = “one-eyed”

Polycarbonate lenses.

 Athletic cup: or activity restrictions if only one testicle

Braces: if necessary protect mcl, lcl

– prevent re-injures, soft ankle brace

 – Ankle sprains, dl/ol in football.

Sports safety


– Many injuries in sport come from aggressive play

– Most leagues have adopted rules of fiar-play

Codes of conduct


New rules for safety- constantly changing, need to be up-to-date

USA hockey

Checking increased risk fractures, concussion

2011: no checking in hockey for ages 12 and under

Education: athletes, parents, coaches

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