Margate Pediatric Is The Best Holistic Clinic For Homeopathy

Margate Pediatric Is The Best Holistic Clinic For Homeopathy

Arnica Montana

Arnica Montana is a perennial plant which grows primarily in Montana pastures. Best holistic homeopathic doctor & office in Margate pediatrics.

The chemical composition of the mother tincture is very complex. It is prepared from the whole fresh plant and contains:

  • Flavonoids And Proanthocyanidins
  • Carotenoids and Manganese.
  • Phenolic Acids: Caffeic Acid and Chlorogenic Acid.
  • Sesquiterpene Lactones, Principally Helenalin


  • Sesquterpene Lactones are responsible for the plant’s anti-inflammatory action.
  • Flavonoids And Proanthocyanidins have a venous affinity, and also a cardiotonic and coronary vasodilative effect.
  • The Caffeic Acid and Cholorgenic Acid are antibiotic and antifungal.

I have at Margate pediatrics homeopathic office used arnica frequently for contusion, aching, and muscular pains.

I have also used pre- and postoperatively

I have also used in active athletes during postconcussional syndromes and also pain consecutive to previous trauma.

I find it very effective for muscular fatigue after long walks and any exertion leading to ache and stiffness.

I have also used in my patient when they suffer from hoarseness, due to over Exertion of their vocal chords in singers and orators.

We at our integrative holistic Margate Pediatric office provide best homeopathic solutions under supervision of board certified pediatric, and certified homeopathic and functional medicine pediatrician.

For a prenatal consult, for a pregnant mom, please call our Margate office, at phone number 954-975-4611.

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