Effect of Healthy Nutrition on Fetus

Effect of Healthy Nutrition on Fetus

At the best holistic clinic in Margate, we take the health of the fetus very seriously.

In utero, a developing baby is completely dependent upon his mother for nutrition.  Poor maternal nutrition can have devastating effects on the baby’s health.  Chronic maternal malnourishment results in small brain size, according to “Nutrition and the Developing Brain: Nutrition Priorities and Measurement,” a 2007 article by Michael K. Georgieff, of the Department of Pediatrics and Child Development at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine, published in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.”

When I see babies at my integrative holistic clinic in Margate, I always emphasize balance of dietary nutrients for an expected mom-to-be.

Each day, a pregnant mom-to-be should consume 71 grams of protein, 171 grams of carbohydrate, and 13 grams of healthy fats, such as oils dried from plants. A diet poor in protein can have devastating effects on fetal brain development according to many research studies on animals.  In a landmark study published in August 1999 in “The Journal of Nutrition”, researches found that laboratory animals fed a normal calorie but low protein diet during pregnancy and nursing had offspring with poor blood vessel development in their brains, compared to those of normally fed mothers.  These animals also had reduced brain DNA content and lower brain weight as adults.

We at Margate Pediatrics, our integrative holistic clinic, are always educating our moms-to-be on healthy nutrition and diet.

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